15 February 2015

Pampolona to Obanos

After a breakfast at our hostel of toast, juice, coffee, and marmalade, we set out for our next destination: Óbanos!

There is a pretty natural foods store on the way out of Pamplona, called Ekodenda Ekia. We didn't stop there, but it seemed pretty large from the outside.

This was a cold, gray but beautiful day. We made our way through some winding hills and beautiful villages. Even with the clouds you could see for miles!

Lunch was leftover lentils and our extras: crackers, veggie paté, and nuts.

By mid-afternoon we were both starving and sluggish so we stopped into a bar for a pick-me-up of Coca Cola and potato chips. Junk food, of course, but considering how much walking we were doing, we were desperate for calories. Plus, the sugar, salt and caffeine gave us a much-needed energy boost. This became our regular afternoon snack for the rest of the walk!

The first albergue we found in Óbanos (Albergue USDA) was on the church square, but it only had a microwave and dining area.

We stopped into a little shop also on the square and picked up fruit and some canned goods.
veggie soup, gnocchi, and TVP-tomato sauce
We had to get creative with dinner since there wasn't a cooking area. The menu was microwave vegetable soup, microwave gnocchi, and TVP-and-tomato sauce. 
A meager but filling meal.

It had been a long day so we tucked in early for the night.

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